Programs of IIES Independent is :

  1. IIES Independent provides survey and research services at school institutions in Indonesia from Primary to High School level.
  2. IIES Independent provides consulting services, facilitating researchers to publish their research results in international journals to be globally accessible to national and international academic communities.
  3. IIES Independent provides publishing services in the form of journal publishing, proceedings and books as a forum for scientific publications for researchers to publish their research results.
  4. IIES Independent undertakes collaborations with domestic and international researchers to conduct research in education, social, economics, and humanities.
  5. IIES Independent opens opportunities for cooperation with international institutions to conduct scientific activities such as research, publications, conferences, seminars and workshops.
  6. IIES Independent collaborates with international publishers to hold international conferences in order to disseminate research results from domestic and international researchers
  7. IIES Independent conducts conferences, seminars, workshops to bring together educational researchers in order to share experiences and research findings.
  8. IIES Independent conducts training, training to improve skills and soft skills for teachers in primary and intermediate schools.
  9. IIES Independent provides consulting services to teachers in schools in order to resolve issues related to approaches, methods and learning models in order to welcome the 21st century.
  10. IIES Independent provides recommendations as suggestion to decision makers and education policy makers based of the results survey, research in educational units.